The decorating of your scarecrow is left to your imagination, creativity and ingenuity; however the following includes some guidelines we encourage you to adhere to when planning your decorations:

1. Decorations may be purchased or made. Decorations made of cardboard or paper are discouraged unless protected by plastic spray or wrapping.

2. We ask that decorations designed to feed wildlife not be used.

3. Decorations should be tied or wired securely to your scarecrow to resist high winds and vandalism.

4. Items especially attractive to theft should not be used. For example, beverage containers that carry a deposit.

5. No promotional handouts, business cards, or other loose items for the public to take will be permitted.

6. Scarecrow decorations can not advertise or promote political, religious or social view points, or be discriminatory in any way towards any individual or group of people.

7. The Batavia Business Improvement District reserves the right to remove any item on or about the scarecrow, or the entire scarecrow if it is deemed inappropriate, at our discretion.

Cost: $20 per Scarecrow

Payment and Registration form (below) is due back by Friday, September 17th and can be registered online at, emailed to, or mailed to the B.I.D. office: 200 East Main St, Suite 12, Batavia, NY 14020.

Participants are asked to pick up scarecrow supplies on Saturday, September 18th from 9 AM to 11 PM in Jackson Square. All participants will be given wooden posts, straw and twine to begin your scarecrow. Participants will receive an assigned pole Downtown for your scarecrow. Scarecrows can be put up during the week of September 20th and no later than Friday, September 24th. Scarecrows will need to be removed by Friday, November 5th.

The Public will be asked to vote on Best Scarecrow via the BID’s website, facebook and local advertising. Contest Winners to receive cash prizes for “Most Creative”.