The GCEDC is the primary economic development agency in Genesee County, NY.  The GCEDC’s mission is to provide the resources to foster community economic success and facilitate new business attraction in order to build a sustainable long-term economy.  This is done through growth, expansion and retention of our existing business base and marketing our community as “business friendly” to attract new businesses.  To accomplish its mission, GCEDC provides a variety of financial incentives, technical assistance and other forms of direct support to enable companies to succeed in the global economy.

The Batavia Development Corporation works to improve the quality of life within the City of Batavia through planning, collaboration and programming that will encourage retention and development of small business, promote additional and maximum employment opportunities, retain and enhance the community’s fiscal base and attract new business through research-based marketing.

In other words, the Batavia Development Corporation (BDC) works to promote, encourage, attract, and develop job opportunities and economically sound commerce and industry in the City of Batavia. Diligent efforts underway to seek incentives enabling redevelopment or to encourage reuse of underutilized real estate.

Batavia is the only City in Genesee County and serves as the County seat with a corporate boundary of 5.2 square miles, serving a population of 15,399 residents.

The City of Batavia is a business-friendly organization with a balanced budget, quality services and an affordable cost of living.  The City of Batavia is committed to serving the community with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics, while being results-focused.

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit, membership-driven organization, that brings together representatives from throughout the county to promote a vibrant local economy. Our membership consists of businesses and organizations from all facets of our local community. With over 450 members, The Chamber leads in the pursuit of creating an environment for business success in Genesee County. This success ultimately aims to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Genesee County.